Cat Service

I provide a professional bespoke service ensuring that your cat is a cared for in the best way possible whilst you are away.

I am used to cats of all ages so if they want playtime or lap time or both, I will be happy to assist.

I offer a free no obligation meet and greet so you can ask me any questions you might have and it will give me chance to get to know your furry members and ask the questions I might have.

Discretion is key. I do not use my car to advertise my business as this can draw attention that you are away from your property.

Visits can be once or twice daily. This includes:

  • Feeding
  • Replenishing water
  • Cleaning bowls
  • Cleaning cat litter
  • Clearing up any mishaps
  • Playing/making a fuss of your cat

If required, I can also undertake:

  • Basic grooming
  • Sending photos and providing daily updates

Home Service

  • Shutting/opening curtains and blinds (on 2 visits per day)
  • Switching on/off lights
  • Removing mail and newspapers etc. from view
  • Putting bins out for collection

Cat Sitting Prices

Meet and Greet


1 visit per day 40 mins (up to 3 cats)


2 x 40 minute visits per day


Additional cats (per cat)


1 x 1 hour visit


Rodents and Fish



1 visit per day 15 mins


2 visits per day


with cats


Cage Clean


Bookings of 5 days or more always require a cage clean

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