Terms and Conditions

General Overview

  1. All pet owner information is treated in strict confidence.
  2. All keys when not in use will stored in a secure key box, they will not be held together with any pet owner information.
  3. I cannot be held liable for theft or damage to your property or injury/illness to your pet unless I am be shown to be negligent. The pet owner authorises purrPAL to take any necessary action in order to keep the pet protected and in good health and agrees to pay any veterinary costs upon return.
  4. The pet owner must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in their absence (i.e. food, medication, cat litter etc.). I will purchase any additional supplies if they are needed and the client will reimburse me upon return.
  5. I understand that cats are independent creatures and as such are often left to come in and out freely. Unfortunately accidents do happen and as such I cannot be held responsible for the safety of any cat that is allowed to freely come in and out of its home.
  6. I will not be held liable for any break-ins or vandalism to your property during the time you use my service. If any incidents arise I will inform your emergency contact and, if necessary, will report it to the police.
  7. The pet owner must contact purrPAL after returning home otherwise I will continue to visit your property and care for your pets. The pet owner will be charged the normal rate for any unnecessary additional visits made. If you are delayed arriving home I will try my very best to continue with the service.

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Covering: Wallasey and New Brighton

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